Holland Standard

Devices 13



  • Advanced installation (additional options need to be installed by us)
  • Monitoring Control via web & mobile phone & call center (optional)
  • Inquiry for the current address with real street name
  • 1x 1-Wire® interface
  • 1x RS232 port for peripherals, (like: Garmin navigation)
  • Memory for up to 55.000 positions (Standard, Optional: 500.000 Positions)
  • Configurable event reporting (time, distance, direction, ignition etc.)
  • Configurable I/O settings
  • Remotely firmware upgrade via GPRS
  • Supports multi server configuration
  • Very low power consumption (<1,3 ma="" li="">
  • Optional additional on-board sensors like 3D magnetic compass, highly sensitive altimeter, 3D gravity/acceleration sensor
  • 2.45 GHz short range WiFi (50m), 126 channels for special functions (Like: localization inside buildings)
  • Optimized for log book functions with very accurate mileage counter
  • Different modes for sleep and power saving
  • 1 Year Warranty



  • CE certification
  • ROHS conformance
  • E Marking
  • FCC certification
  • Made in Europe



  • Mobile phone/internet location and tracking
  • Configurable 300 events
  • Geo-fencing (4000 zones)
  • Very accurate Mileage statistics
  • Fuel cut off
  • Triggering Emergency Alarm


Alarms, Alerts & Reports (optional, customizable):

  • Power cut off
  • Movement (Tow)
  • Over speed
  • GPS antenna open
  • Entering/exiting Geo-fence (50 Zones)
  • Entering/exiting Hot Spot
  • Fatigue driving
  • Harsh braking
  • Backup battery start
  • Deviation from the route
  • Temperature change



Quad Band 850MHz, 900MHz,1800MHz,1900MHz
Data-Transfer SMS,GPRS (APN: downlink transfer: 85.6 kbps, uplink transfer: 42.8 kbps)
GSM/GPRS Module Venus 638 LPx
GSM Sensitivity -107dBm
GPS Chip
GPS Sensitivity -165 dBm
GPS Channels 65
GPS Accuracy +/- 2.5 m
Maximum Velocity <515 meter/second
Optional 2.4 GHz WiFi chip: Nordic nRF24L01+
History storage: 500,000 positions
3 Axis Acceleration
G-force sensor
3D magnetic compass
Barometer (for altitude)
Blind area data uploading
Automatic self-check recovery & protection
Versatile interfacing Digital+Analog, Serial (3V/RS232)
Cameras & LCD display+keypad
Digital Tachograph
Passive/active RFID
Garmin™ displays,etc…
Multi level watchdog
Telematic features

fully configurable

Inputs 2 Digital + 1 analog
Outputs 1 Digital (max. 31 Volt)
Backup Battery 3.7V/650mAh Li-Po
Voltage Range DC 5V-31V
Working Power <1,3 mA
Working Temperature -20℃ to +60℃
Storage Temperature -25℃ to +85℃
Length 95mm
Width 40mm
Height 10mm
Weight Less than 100 g