For any inquiries from Egypt, the client must have an official approval from the Egyptian NTRA.

why we different

What makes us different

By hot weather, start the car’s engine & the air condition using your mobile or internet and define how long you want that the A/C works for you before you leave your office.. Just send "AC ON" from your mobile.
In case of a car’s stealth, we’ll keep calling you to take an action. Further, we can call anyone you want, like the safety team in your building. And all the
calls are recorded for later investigation if you wish.

You may wish to have the door closed via the center lock at a certain speed determined & changeable by you, which increase the safety for your family.
Some beginners don’t care about the important indicators in the instrument panel. So, if the engine becomes too hot or get an oil leakage, then we’ll call you
to avoid engine loss. And by need we can disable the engine smoothly for you.
Don’t worry when your family is alone in the car, we keep monitoring also the doors for you. So, when a door is open and the car reaches a certain speed
(pre-determined by you), then we can call you as well.
By “Air Bag” activation in an accident, we shall call the ambulance & the police and let them know the accurate position of the car.